Personal Training

Whether you want to lose weight, get toned, gain muscle, or just feel stronger, I am certified to safely and efficiently get you to your end goal.  In our first meeting, we will discuss your past and current health statuses, determine your goals, and come up with a unique health and fitness plan to get there.  If requested, I will take measurements and record body composition in order to see progress along the way.  I offer 1 hour training sessions and 30 minute training sessions, so we can definitely find a way to work around your schedule.  As far as location goes, I am open to training in a gym setting, in your home, or even outdoors, whichever you prefer.  I am all about formulating a fitness plan that is unique to you and your situation, and I will get you to your end goal.

Health Coaching

Feeling healthy and happy does not solely rely on how you look on the outside.  If your wellness goals include anything about how you feel (energy level, sleep, digestion, etc), you will definitely benefit from health coaching on top of the personal training.  I am certified to help figure out a personalized diet plan that is ideal for your body, and we can continuously work on nutrition until you see your health problems start to disappear.  On top of diet, I can dig deeper through counseling to find the root cause of most of the health problems.  You deserve to live your happiest and healthiest life, and I will simply be a guide to help point you in that direction.